We offer private lounges for couples and male and/or female clients to ensure privacy and confidentiality. We are centrally located in Ahmedabad in newly developed office facilities, with local convenient parking. Alternatively, we offer a secure online consultation service. We have introduced a unique initiative to promote sex education through workshops, public speaking or personal support to newly married couples and individuals.


Sexual Medicure Centre is a multi-disciplinary healthcare facility with accomplished and dedicated professionals providing state-of-the-art and evidence based clinical management for men and women with sexual health concerns.


Following facilities are available at Sexual medicure centre.

• Color doppler to assess the penile vascular pathology, erectile tissue pathology in male and female;

• Colposcopy to diagnose female genital pathology;

• Rigiscan to diagnose erectile dysfunction;

• Biothesiometry for quantitative sensory testing to diagnose neuropathy in male and female;

•  Female qualified Registered Nurse with experience in USA to help counselling of female clients.

Sexual Medicure Centre strives to be recognized as an International Facility for Excellence, Commitment and Innovation in Sexual Medicine Patient Care, Education and Research.