Sex problems



Education for our patients, the public and healthcare providers is a major part of our mission at Sexual Medicure Centre. Educated patients are empowered regarding their healthcare , and educated practitioners can provide better healthcare to their patients. Dr. Rughani teaches one-on-one, gives lectures, writes papers, and is also involved in research.


What is sexual medicine?.


Sexual medicine is the branch of medicine concerned with human sexuality and its disorders. Sexologist attempts to improve sexual health through the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of conditions or diseases that involve sexual function, sexual and/or partnership experience and behavior, gender identity, and sexual trauma and its consequences.

What is A Sexologist?


A sexologist takes into account both the individual and couple dimensions of sex, as well as the knowledge and methods of medical, psychological, and social sciences, He recognizes that many of the conditions or disorders may be caused by medical conditions and or their treatment and for that reason needs to be a medical professional.